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The Pros & Cons of Manual & Automatic Transmissions February 5, 2018

Belmont Terrace, Fort Worth
The Pros & Cons of Manual & Automatic Transmissions, Fort Worth, Texas

If you’re interested in purchasing a car, you’ll have to decide whether you want one with a manual or automatic transmission. Though many people choose the latter without much consideration, it’s important to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each option. Here’s a more detailed look at what benefits you can expect from both types of vehicles.


Drivers in manual cars are responsible for shifting engine gears. These vehicles are often less expensive to purchase and to maintain because automatic transmissions involve a significant amount of added machinery, which can be costly to manufacture and repair. Additionally, these cars often experience better fuel economies than their automatic counterparts because they use a clutch instead of the less efficient torque converter.


automatic transmissionAutomatic vehicles also offer unique benefits. They tend to be simpler to use, which is useful as many drivers don’t how to operate a stick shift and clutch. And even those who do know how to operate it may not enjoy it, particularly when caught in heavy traffic.

Plus, these vehicles are better suited for areas with a steep incline, as they enable the car to operate regardless of hills. Many people also find automatic transmissions to be safer, as they enable the driver to keep both hands on the wheel. Changing gears in a manual vehicle, on the other hand, requires the use of one hand.


Whether you purchase a vehicle with a manual or automatic transmission, you’ll need to keep it maintained. And the experts at J & S Transmissions and Performance offer their auto repair services to all residents in Fort Worth, TX. With a team of certified mechanics, these professionals can help prevent any transmission problems and quickly fix those that occur. To schedule an appointment, call (817) 501-0455 today. You can also find more information online.
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