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How Your Dog Will Benefit From Visiting a Chiropractor February 5, 2018

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How Your Dog Will Benefit From Visiting a Chiropractor, Columbus, Nebraska

While you may not think man’s best friend needs chiropractor visits, the benefits tend to outweigh any doubts you might have. Though they aren’t required to sit at desks eight hours a day, dogs can easily suffer from spinal conditions or back pain just as human beings do. Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic has been providing quality care to their Columbus, Nebraska, clientele—both canine and human—for years. Below, they outline three benefits dogs can enjoy from regular chiropractic care. 

3 Ways Your Dog Will Benefit From a Chiropractor

Restore Function & Mobility

chiropractorWhile chiropractic care is not meant to replace veterinary care, it can provide healing and increase mobility in stiff or impaired joints. Much like chiropractic care for humans, when the spinal nerves are impacted by a compressed spine, nerve impulse and connectivity are restricted, resulting in loss of mobility and function. Chiropractic care uses spinal manipulation to realign the impacted spinal vertebrae.  

A Caring Solution for IVDD

Intervertebral disc disease is generally found in dogs, as well as some horses and cats. This is a condition where the soft, spongy gel in between the discs that connect the vertebrae squeezes out and presses against the spine. This is essentially a bulging disc that can turn into a herniated one. For dogs who do not need surgery to repair this spinal condition, chiropractic care and the appropriate supervision of a veterinarian can improve joint mobility.

Reduce Joint Degeneration

Chiropractic care creates space between the spinal discs to increase mobility and reduce joint degeneration. If left untreated, a compacted spine leads the brain to think postural abnormalities are normal. A dog with an impaired gait can find relief from spinal manipulation, as it releases muscle tension and realigns the spine. 

If you’re considering chiropractic care for your furry family member, find a qualified chiropractor who can offer nuanced treatment for your pet. The professional and caring staff at Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic is on hand to assist you and your companion. Call them today at (402) 564-7514 or visit their website for more information.

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