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3 Items That Require Routine Pressure Washing February 2, 2018

South Hill, Pierce
3 Items That Require Routine Pressure Washing, South Hill, Washington

Although regular wipe-downs will remove surface grime from many items found in and around your home or office, there are some goods that require more concentrated upkeep. With constant exposure to the elements, anything left outdoors can quickly become caked with layers of dirt or rust. To restore the surfaces to their former condition, add routine pressure washing to the top of the maintenance checklist. Below are three items that benefit from regular pressure washing the most.  

3 Surfaces That Benefit Most From Pressure Washing on a Regular Basis


A dirty driveway can make your entire property look dingy. With regular use, the surface can become full of tire tracks, oil stains, and additional gunk from cars, lawn equipment, and anything else that makes contact with the pavement. Regular pressure washing will penetrate the grooves and cracks in asphalt and concrete to flush out dirt and chemicals. 


pressure washingEach time you drive, mud, snow, salt, and additional gunk on the road can cling to the auto paint and undercarriage. When the grime accumulates, it can cause both cosmetic and mechanical damage. Pressure washing will extend your vehicle’s lifespan by removing mud from the car before it damages the paint or parts. 

Home Siding

House washing by hand can be a time-consuming, exhaustive process. Even while standing on a ladder, it can be difficult to reach all the nooks and crannies throughout the facade. Opting to pressure wash property siding instead will shave time off the job. The powerful streams of water can access hard-to-reach areas, which also gives you better results. 


If your patio, siding, walkways, or additional property features need meticulous cleaning, entrust the job to Dacey's Power Cleaning in Puyallup, WA. They have the skills and equipment to clean dull, weather-worn items and installations around your home or commercial building. To schedule a pressure washing service appointment in Pierce County, call (253) 335-0539 today. Visit the company online, and like them on Facebook, to see pictures of completed work. 

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