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3 Home Improvement Projects that Need Remodeling Electricians February 2, 2018

Fall River, Columbia
3 Home Improvement Projects that Need Remodeling Electricians, Fall River, Wisconsin

From switching to softer lighting to adding more rooms, numerous home improvements projects will add to the comfort and functionality of your space. If an electrical system is involved in the plan, handling live wires should be left to a remodeling electrician. They have the experience and training to safely install electrical paneling, wires, and anything else required. Below are a few examples of projects that call for professional services. 

Times When a Residential Remodeling Electrician Comes in Handy

1. Upgrading Light Fixtures

Replacing old, outdated light fixtures is a simple adjustment that can transform the entire look of a room. After the old installations are removed, remodeling electricians can navigate the complex network of wires to correctly attach them to the new fixtures. 

2. Building Room Additions

remodeling electricianIf you need more space for the family, adding another room is often much cheaper and less stressful than moving. Whether you need a downstairs bathroom, home library, or additional space, the room will require lights and electrical outlets. Remodeling electricians will install electrical paneling in the room and reroute wiring so it’s compatible with the rest of the house. 

3. Installing Ceiling Fans

Using ceiling fans to keep rooms comfortable will cut back on energy costs. The fixtures will also add visual interests and depth to the space. Remodeling electricians will add the necessary wiring inside the ceiling to install the fixtures.


If you are working on a remodeling project in Fall River, WI, leave the electrical work in the capable hands of Dauman Electric. The company has built an impeccable reputation for providing commercial and residential clients with reliable, affordable electrical repair, installation, and inspection solutions. To schedule a service appointment with a remodeling electrician in Columbia County, call (920) 484-3852 today. Visit the company online for more information. 

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