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3 Ways To Spot Fake Diamonds January 26, 2018

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3 Ways To Spot Fake Diamonds, Carle Place, New York

It’s no secret that diamonds are highly valuable items.  Because of that, there are many diamond imposters and look alikes you must be aware of.  The tips below can help you determine if the diamond you have is real or fake, and can ultimately save you some disappointment or even money.

  • The tips below are not foolproof methods but can definitely help rule out clear fakes.

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Diamond Magnification

Your local jewelry store will have what is called a “loupe”, whicimageh is basically a super strong magnifying glass.  This method is helpful if you have a real diamond to compare your test diamond to.  By examining the diamond under extreme magnification, you should be able to uncover some slight defects in any real diamond.  Fake diamonds, such as cubic zirconia are created to be 100% flawless.  A trained eye can easily spot the real and the fake diamond when compared under a loupe.

Diamond Water Test

Diamonds are extremely dense, which causes them to sink instantly when placed into water.  The water test is an easy method to determine if you have a clearly fake diamond on your hands.  Simply drop the diamond into a cup of water and watch closely.  If the diamond reacts by sinking directly to the bottom, that is a good sign for a real diamond.  However if the diamond floats or sinks rather slowly, that is a pretty clear sign you have an imposter on your hands. 

Diamond Transparency

The third and final method to spot fake diamonds is to examine the transparency of stone in question.  Real diamonds refract light which gives them that flashy eye catching look.  However, fake diamonds often do not refract light at the same degree which makes them transparent to an extent.  To perform this test, simply place your test diamond onto a magazine of book.  Try to see through the diamond and determine if you can read the words directly underneath it.  If you can see right through and read the words, you have a fake on your hands.

*As stated above, these are not foolproof methods and the only way to be certain if your diamond is real or fake is to bring it to an experienced jewelry dealer.

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