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Grease Trap Service Explained April 8, 2015

Cleves, Hamilton
Grease Trap Service Explained, Cleves, Ohio

If you own a restaurant, you probably already know having a reliable grease trap service is important. Grease traps help prevent fats, oils and grease (FOG) from entering your municipal sewer system and causing blockage or major sewer spills. Emptying your own grease trap is extremely difficult and can be harmful to your health, but the experts of Cincinnati’s Ace Sanitation Service want to walk you through the process so when you call them, you’ll have a better understanding of their services.

Most grease traps, regardless of size, need to be pumped regularly to ensure they’re working properly. Before even beginning any actual work on your grease trap, the certified professionals at Ace Sanitation Service will take you through their signature step-by-step assessment process. Once the work begins, and the grease trap is open, every part is inspected to ensure it’s up to code. Then, the grease in the grease trap is measured and the results recorded for a pump out report that is given to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Standing water is then removed from the tank so the grease and solid waste can be easily collected. It’s important to make sure that the grease removed from the container inside the trap is in a heavy-duty trash bag, to prevent any leakage. After the water is drained and the grease removed, the professionals at Ace Sanitation Service will then clean your grease trap thoroughly and flush it with water to get rid of any remaining waste. Afterward, they complete a FOG report, which is used to measure the amount of waste your establishment puts out.

Cleaning your grease trap is important for the environment and your business’ efficiency. Whether it’s grease trap cleaning, plumbing, or septic system maintenance, the highly skilled professionals at Ace Sanitation Service are trained to handle any job. Call them today at (513) 353-2260, or visit them online to see a complete list of services.