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3 Quick Car Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn't Put Off February 1, 2018

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3 Quick Car Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn't Put Off, Manchester, New Hampshire

Most car owners understand how important it is to care for their vehicles. However, postponing or skipping routine maintenance is common since the consequences often don’t manifest themselves right away. Comet Auto Sales is a trusted car dealer in Manchester, NH. Below, they list some basic vehicle maintenance tasks you shouldn’t forgo.

Car Dealer on the Cost of Neglecting Vehicle Maintenance

1. Washing Your Car

Not only does washing your car help maintain the paint job’s luster, but it also gets rid of dirt, grime, salt, and other contaminants that promote rust formation. You can easily do this over the weekend using a combination of soap and water, which are readily available. But even if you choose to let others do it for you, a car wash is inexpensive. A rusted panel, however, can range from several hundred to a couple thousand dollars to repair.

2. Tire Rotation

car dealerRotating your tires every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles gives you better road traction while driving and helps prolong your tires’ service life. Doing this yourself requires two or more jacks or several pieces of hollow blocks as stands and an hour or so of your time. Having it done at a car dealer or auto repair shop, meanwhile, costs an average of $72. This maintenance task can save you a few hundred dollars in premature tire replacement.

3. Oil Change

This is a critical part of routine maintenance and one of the priciest if overlooked. An oil change only costs an average of about $60, but it can drastically improve your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. Failing to do so will increase your fuel consumption and require you to replace your oil filter more frequently. It could also lead to engine failure, which may amount to several thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Keep these facts in mind the next time you’re tempted to skimp on car maintenance. If you’re looking for a replacement for your vehicle, drop by Comet Auto Sales. This Better Business Bureau®-accredited car dealer carries a wide selection of quality pre-owned cars and used trucks. They also have a knowledgeable staff with a combined experience of more than 70 years in the industry. Call them at (603) 836-5775 or check out their website for more information.

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