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How a Window Replacement Will Keep Out the Cold This Winter February 1, 2018

Charlotte, Rochester
How a Window Replacement Will Keep Out the Cold This Winter, Rochester, New York

Quality windows are your first defense against cold winter air filtering into your home. When your windows are no longer shielding you from dropping temperatures, a window replacement may be the solution to your problem. While some repairs and patches can temporarily keep your home comfortable, new windows will fix the problem for good.

How a Window Replacement Helps Insulate Your Home

Window Trouble

One of the first problems you may be facing with your current windows is poor insulation. Typically, older, single-paned windows don’t have thick enough glass for proper insulation. When the glass isn’t able to stave off the cold, you risk your windows freezing in the opened or closed position and even damaging the framework. A compromised window seal will also reduce the quality of your insulation.

Check the perimeter of your windows and their frames for any openings or cracks. Besides letting in cold air, moisture may be getting in, which can potentially lead to a mold issue. It can also cause wood around your windows to rot and weaken. If caulking is flaking or cracking, air and moisture are most likely entering through the tiniest of spaces.

What Replacement Windows Will Do

window replacementChoosing replacement windows means upgrading any single-paned glass for double- or triple-paned options. These extra layers of glass act as barriers to any chilly air threatening to get inside. Multi-paned windows also reduce condensation building up and leaking into your home.

New windows are more energy-efficient than their aging counterparts. Frames are of better quality and fit more securely into your home’s structure, sealing off any possible path for a draft. New windows are better balanced and have strong seals, ensuring that warm air stays inside. This helps keep heating costs down since your furnace won’t have to work harder to maintain temperatures.

Besides window replacements with better insulation and new frames, consider applying weather stripping on movable areas. This extra measure gives you another layer of protection against drafts and moisture.


Alumaroll Awning & Window Co has provided Rochester, NY with quality windows since 1946. The company ensures that your window replacement will be energy-efficient and secure in keeping the cold air out and warm air in. Locally owned and operated, their goal is to improve the quality and value of your home with the best products available today. To find out about their affordable replacement window options as well as their other offerings such as storm doors, awnings, and more, call (585) 544-2110. Visit their showroom or check them out online.

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