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What to Know About Pesticide Testing Your Water February 6, 2018

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What to Know About Pesticide Testing Your Water, Lancaster, Wisconsin

Water quality is important to everyone, but especially to those with private wells on their properties. Ensuring that contaminants don’t make their way into your water supply is crucial, and pesticide testing is one method to check that water is free of harmful chemicals. In Lancaster, WI, LV Laboratories LLC has established a reputation for skilled and comprehensive well testing. Here, they answer frequently asked questions regarding pesticides and their presence in well water.

Pesticide Testing FAQs

Are There Different Types of Pesticides?

Many different chemicals are used as pesticides. For mold and mildew, fungicides are commonly used, while herbicides curb the growth of weeds. There are also ones used for worms (know as nematicides), as well as insecticides, which combat termites and beetles.

How Often Should I Test My Water?

Test well water at least once a year. Chemical testing can be a bit more expensive, so most property owners don’t schedule it as often. However, if you live in certain environments, such as near farmlands or a golf course, your water might have a higher risk of being exposed to pesticides. In this case, comprehensive testing should be considered.

What If a Test Is Positive?

pesticide testingYou should cease consumption of well water immediately. You’ll need to hire professional service to handle the issue, and you’ll most likely have a few different options at your disposal. You might need to relocate your well or have it dug deeper underground. You can also install a water treatment system within the home, which will purify water and make it safer for consumption.

How Do Pesticides Impact Health?

While it largely depends on the amount and type of chemicals in your water, adverse health effects can occur. Some people experience dizziness, headaches, and problems with digestion. Health effects are more severe in cases where high levels of chemicals are found, including heart attacks and convulsions in some individuals.

To learn more about pesticide testing or the state of your well water, LV Laboratories LLC has the tools and know-how to provide answers. Call (608) 723-4096 to arrange testing in Southwest Wisconsin. Visit them online for more information on the full range of services they offer.

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