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4 Reasons You Need Regular Water Well Maintenance & Testings February 2, 2018

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4 Reasons You Need Regular Water Well Maintenance & Testings, Shell Lake, Wisconsin

Having access to water that is safe to drink and use is an important priority. For homes and businesses that rely on well water, regular testing is critical to guard against health and environmental risks. As the area's premier water well maintenance provider, DMB Drilling Co Inc in Shell Lake, WI, conducts extensive testing and analysis services to ensure systems are up to code. The locally owned firm shares several reasons why well water should undergo routine inspections.

Why Water Well Maintenance Is Needed

1. Questionable Appearance

Cloudy or dirty water are red flags that the supply may be contaminated. The culprits range from algae growth to unbalanced alkaline or acid concentrations. A licensed technician will conduct a series of tests to determine the causes of the water's questionable appearance.

2. Health Risks

Safe human consumption is the most important reason for regularly scheduled well water testing. Thorough examinations identify dangerous bacteria and chemicals that cause illnesses and other compromised health conditions. Professional well inspection companies are required to conduct tests that are compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.

3. System Damage

water well maintenanceIf unchecked, faulty well water causes costly damage to surrounding plumbing and other structures. For instance, corrosive water eats away at aluminum, bronze, brass, and copper pipes. This leads to harmful and unsightly stains in bathtubs and sinks. Calcium carbonate deposits may also clog irrigation systems and alter the temperature of hot water.

4. Lead Problems

Homes that are more than 20 years old may have lead plumbing. If the metal seeps into wells, it can contaminate the water. Lead causes many health and developmental problems, particularly in children. Regular water well maintenance detects the presence of lead, so you can find a way to eliminate it.

If your home or business relies on well water, it’s vital to schedule routine inspections. Let the experienced team of technicians at DMB Drilling Co Inc conduct thorough water well maintenance on your system. To schedule an appointment and for a free quote, call (715) 653-4202. Visit the website for information on their other services.

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