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4 Simple Tips for Preventing Unwelcome Wildlife Infestations February 1, 2018

Cleves, Miami
4 Simple Tips for Preventing Unwelcome Wildlife Infestations, Miami, Ohio

Keeping your home free of critters is a year-round task. While it doesn’t necessarily require tenting the entire house or placing various traps throughout the property, there are certain steps to take. Below are the top four tips wildlife removal experts suggest for deterring future infestations.

4 Wildlife Removal Tips for Proper Critter Control

1. Seal All Cracks & Openings

Perform a quick examination of the house every year to find cracks and openings. Common problem areas include window frames, dryer vents, and cabinets. Any amount of space that leads directly to the outdoors can provide easy access for unwanted pests.

2. Ensure All Trash Is Contained

wildlife removalYour trash will attract unwanted visitors. It could be the can in the kitchen or large bin located on the side of your house. If any of these are left unemptied, the smell will gradually entice local critters to investigate and could encourage them to set up camp in or near your house. Use bungee cords to seal the container tightly. If you often find the trash can tipped over, place a few bricks at the bottom to weigh it down.

3. Clean Out the Drains

The longer you leave your drains unattended, the greater their chances are of accumulating debris. Since this dark, damp area of the house is prime breeding ground for flies, you should regularly clean your drains. This precaution will remove potential clogs and deter an infestation.

4. Store Food Properly

Kitchens and pantries are often teeming with critters. This is because any boxes or bags of food that aren’t closed properly are considered free bounty to hungry pests. Make sure every item is completely sealed before putting it away. Use airtight plastic containers to store loose food.


Some persistent pests may get into your home despite these tips. For all your wildlife removal needs, connect with the experts at A.S.A.P. Critter People in Cleves, OH. These professionals specialize in animal removal services and implement the most humane solutions. Call (513) 941-0258 to talk directly with one of their wildlife removal experts. Visit their website for additional information.

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