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Well Repair Experts Explain How to Troubleshoot Pump Problems February 1, 2018

Chiloquin, Klamath
Well Repair Experts Explain How to Troubleshoot Pump Problems, Chiloquin, Oregon

If your water pump is acting up, you might need repairs or a whole new unit. To help you identify a problem, Fry Industries, the drilling and well repair experts in Chiloquin, OR, discuss some of the most important problems that might arise with your well pump.  The information below should help you troubleshoot the problem and decide whether you need a professional.

How to Troubleshoot These 3 Water Pump Problems

1. Sandy or Dirty Water

If your water contains dirt, sand, or other visible contaminants, it could mean the water level of your well has dropped, and materials from the bottom are being sucked up along with the water. However, it could also mean the pump depth was improperly calculated, or the pump's filter screen should be replaced.

2. Sputtering FaucetWell repair

A sputtering faucet indicates there is air in the water line. This again could be caused by low well water levels or by improperly calculated pump depth. Contact a well repair service to inspect the depth of your water table.

3. Diminishing Pressure

Before water reaches your house, the water pump fills a reservoir called the pressure tank until it reaches a preset level. The pressure inside the reservoir is what forces water into the home plumbing system. If the pressure is not being maintained properly, it could indicate a problem with the switch, the pump itself, or the electricity powering the pump. Check the pump breaker to make sure it hasn't been tripped. If all seems fine, contact a pump service for an inspection.

If you're experiencing any of the above symptoms, contact the well repair professionals at Fry Industries. For more than two decades, they've been the leader in water well drilling services throughout Klamath County and beyond. Call (541) 533-2509 to discuss your needs with a skilled, experienced professional, or connect with them online via their Facebook page.

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