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Understanding Your Computer: The Rundown on RAM February 8, 2018

Northwest Harris, Harris
Understanding Your Computer: The Rundown on RAM, Northwest Harris, Texas

There are several key features you look for when buying a computer. RAM is one of them. We’ve all seen the acronym, but oddly enough, a lot of our customers at Experimac Klein don’t necessarily know what RAM is or how it differs from your computer’s storage. Here is a quick review of RAM, how it affects your computer and how you can better look out for your RAM needs on future purchases.


What is RAM?

The long and short of it is that RAM stands for Random Access Memory. While the term “random access” is a little archaic with where technology has grown, the term “memory” is synonymously used to RAM and how most people label it. Your RAM is where the data is stored of any activity you’re currently working on, at any given time. So you’ve got “memory” and you’ve got “storage.”


RAM vs. Storage

RAM is much faster but only stores data when a computer is turned on. Disk storage (or your hard drive) is slower and keeps data permanently (or at least through the lifespan of the hard drive). An average computer might have 4GB of RAM but 500GB of disk storage, therefore, RAM is significantly less space. This is because RAM is intended for temporary data like loading a web page or running a program rather than longer term like documents, files and folders. Just as your hard drive or disk space can be upgraded or expanded with external drives, cloud storage, etc., your RAM can most likely be upgraded as well (depending on your computer’s model/style).


How much RAM do I need?

On MacBook Air and recent MacBook Pro Retina computers, your RAM is actually fused inside to the motherboard to maximize space and minimize thickness of your laptop’s frame. However, on other MacBooks and iMac computers RAM can be upgraded by simply replacing the current 4GB or 8GB of memory for greater quantities. This allows you to have faster use of software and applications, and generally allows you to use more at once without bogging down your computer’s speed or load times.


Since RAM can be upgraded on most computers, let’s address what this may look like for you. If you’re the kind of person who uses robust apps like Adobe Creative Suite or if you constantly find yourself with dozens of tabs opened up on your web browser, chances are your computer will run slower than most. By adding more RAM, you’re increasing the memory capacity of your computer and enabling you to do more faster. Generally speaking, 4 or 8GB is plenty of memory for most users, but if you do frequent, heavy work like editing video you may want to consider 16GB or 32GB.


But wait, did we mention how fast we are? Unlike most competitors, we can upgrade your RAM in just moments while you wait. Forget ordering RAM online and waiting days (even weeks) for your memory to come in the mail. We keep RAM in stock, for your convenience. No waiting. Just walk in, we’ll upgrade your RAM, and you’re good to go.


There you have it. RAM is no longer a mystery, but simply understood as your computer’s “memory.” It exists for storing temporary data whereas disk storage is for long term data storage. Both are essential components for your computer’s performance. For a RAM upgrade or more information on increasing your disk storage, contact Experimac Klein today. We’re local, professional and well-versed in serving our customers well.


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