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Increase the Lifespan of Your Battery February 1, 2018

Northwest Harris, Harris
Increase the Lifespan of Your Battery, Northwest Harris, Texas

At Experimac Klein, we offer 90-day warranties on all battery repairs and replacements. There are several power solutions for you to consider including a low cost replacement battery, buying a charge bank or simply maximizing your battery life by following some simple energy tips.


Charge it regularly and properly. Follow Apple’s advice to get the most out of your MacBook’s battery. There is no need to let it discharge fully. Except when you first get a new one installed for calibration purposes.

Here are 5 in-use tips we find most useful to extend the your battery life:


  1. Adjust your screen’s brightness. Much like your iPhone, your Apple computer’s battery can be drastically saved when the brightness of your screen is lowered. This can be especially effective at nighttime when a dimmer screen will actually be easier on the eyes.


  1. Turn off your keyboard’s backlight. This one’s a little unique but can also help squeeze a little more juice out of your battery.


  1. Turn off Time Machine. Your Apple computer will use Time Machine to helpfully keep an up-to-date backup of your computer’s data. You can stop these backups temporarily.


  1. Adjust your Energy Saver preferences. Go to your System Preferences window on your Apple computer and try switching around some settings like reducing the display time of your screen.


  1. Turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. While it would be very rare that you’d be doing much on your computer that didn’t require Wi-Fi, in the event that you aren’t, turning off things like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can help. Let your computer’s battery put more effort to what you’re doing.


But don’t wait until it’s too late or too inconvenient to get a battery replacement. Experimac Klein does low cost replacements for many of our customers, within 1 day.

But how do you know if your battery needs to be replaced? We can help identify that for you, or take a gander yourself if you’d like:

 On your MacBook, Click the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your screen and hold down the Option key. Choose System Information. Under the Hardware section of the System Information window, select Power. Here, you’ll see all of the specifications and status of your current battery life. You can also look out for practical signs like noticing that your battery drains faster than before.


A lot of people end up carrying around additional charge banks to help power their computers, but when will it ever stop? Come by and see our technical team at Experimac Klein, and we’ll replace your battery at a low cost, long-term solution. For more information about our repair and replacement services, email or call us at 713-575-5768.




Experimac Klein is your local solution for all Apple® related services and pre-owned products. Throughout Klein, TX, Spring, TX, Tomball, TX, Cypress, TX, Conroe, TX and The Woodlands, TX areas. We buy, sell, trade and repair Apple® products including Apple® iMac® computers, Macbook® laptops, iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets and more.


With us, you receive neighborhood-friendly service with highly competitive pricing for Apple® products, upgrades and repairs. Community-driven and here to help, Experimac Klein is your one-stop, no hassle partner to get you the devices you need to enjoy life and the service to keep them going strong.


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