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The Best Protection Against iPhone Damage - Tempered Glass January 26, 2018

Northwest Harris, Harris
The Best Protection Against iPhone Damage - Tempered Glass, Northwest Harris, Texas

Experimac Klein sees members of our community come into the store daily with damage to their iPhone (or iPad) screen. Unfortunate drops leave their iPhone with a shattered screen, or worse, internal damage is caused from a delay in repairing it. We always want our customers happy and without worry, so we advise continuously on what the best protection is to prevent iPhone damage.


The best thing you can do for your iPhone is by having BOTH a strong, protective case as well as a tempered glass screen.


What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is essential to quality screen repair. There many features and perks to having a tempered glass screen–all of which offer better safety and protection. Tempered glass is used commonly in other applications for cars, public buildings or anywhere prone to accidental damage. So the logic would be that if tempered glass is preferred in say, subway cars, then it’s pretty suitable for your iPhone’s protection too. One of the major benefits of tempered glass is its resistance to shattering into jagged pieces. Rather than splintering, in the event that it does break, it crumbles instead. If your iPhone’s tempered glass screen ever did break, clean up with be much easier and safer.


Compared to regular glass, tempered glass is much stronger and more heat resistant. Due to how tempered glass is chemically made, you have a screen solution that won’t be as susceptible to melt or weaken under extreme heat or fire. Tempered glass is less likely to break and less likely to become damaged than normal glass screens. And more, tempered glass is easily installable to the standard LCD/glass screen your phone already has.


And just look at cost. So often, our customers come in, fearful that their screen is broken and in reality it’s just the tempered glass that needs replacing. Just like that, you go from a pricey $100 repair to an easy and affordable $10 tempered glass replacement. Prepare now and save later.


What makes a case actually protective?

Only few cases can really claim a guarantee against damage, and even then, freak incidences can always happen. While newer iPhone models continue to become more and more water resistant, the risk of damage is always there, especially now with the latest iPhone 8 that has a fully glass back.


But there are a few identifiers to look for when shopping for your next iPhone case. Generally speaking, the thinner the case, the less protection it will give you, and while there are endless “trendy” style/color options out there, you should invest in functionality first. You’ll make a greater investment on a LifeProof or OtterBox case, but they are your best solutions for a protective case that will keep your iPhone looking and functioning like new, for longer.


You’ll want a case that tightly covers and protects the seams, buttons and ports of your iPhone. Also, for the most part, cases with a little more elasticity (or room to bounce) protect your iPhone more. When a device is dropped, your case will do you better if it bounces off the ground rather than crashing and landing. You can even buy specifically for cases that are more water resistant, or more broadly, cases that have greater strength against falls and drops. You want to invest in a case that not only protects your screen but also protects the entirety of your iPhone from damage, both external and internal.


Shop protective cases at Experimac Klein and stop by to meet our experienced team, ready and available to help you whenever screen damage does occur. We can perform same-day screen repairs or even help source a temporary iPhone for you to use while yours is being repaired. This keeps you connected to the people, apps and day-to-day tasks you need to keep living with comfort and ease.


Call us today at 713-575-5768 with any questions you may have about a device or repair. Experimac Klein offers great pricing, excellent service, and is right around the corner.


See: Our 1 Year Warranty on ALL Apple Repairs and Devices




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