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Why Choose LVT Over Wood Laminate Flooring? March 23, 2018

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Why Choose LVT Over Wood Laminate Flooring?, Barnesville, Ohio

When the expense of hardwood flooring is out of your budget, you typically have two options for attractive, synthetic alternatives: luxury vinyl tile — LVT — or wood laminate. If you are unfamiliar with LVT, Flag Floors of Barnesville, the premier carpet and flooring supplier in Ohio, explains what it is and why you should choose it over wood laminate.

How Are Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring & Wood Laminate Similar?

FlooringLuxury vinyl tile flooring, like wood laminate, is an alternative to natural wood floors. Both are comprised of layers — including a protective, translucent top layer, an attractive undercoat, and a sturdy backing; but, the layers of LVT are comprised of vinyl, while laminate has a core of high-density fiberboard, or pressed, recycled wood. Both can mimic the luxurious appearance of natural wood at a fraction of the cost, and both are easy to install. It’s simple to clean these materials, and they require little maintenance, unlike hardwood, which requires regular waxing. Because of their protective outer layers, LVT and laminate resist scrapes and scuffing.

Why Choose LVT Over Wood Laminate

LVT has a few advantages over wood laminate flooring. Because it is comprised of vinyl, it is exceptionally resistant to water damage, while the fiberboard core of wood laminate makes it vulnerable to moisture during spills or mopping. Another advantage is that, due to its installation method, you can easily remove and replace individual luxury vinyl tiles if necessary. Lastly, the vinyl construction makes LVT softer, less noisy, and more comfortable to walk on.

Every room and home has unique needs, so when you’re changing your floors, seek advice from a flooring professional. To have an expert answer all your questions about luxury vinyl tile flooring, contact Flag Floors of Barnesville. They are the Ohio Valley's premier supplier of carpet, custom cabinets, windows, and countertops. Visit their website to view business hours and directions to their showroom, or call (740) 425-3344 to speak with a friendly, helpful representative.