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How to Prepare Your Apartment for Bed Bug Treatment February 1, 2018

Tule Springs, Las Vegas
How to Prepare Your Apartment for Bed Bug Treatment, Las Vegas, Nevada

For many people, a bed bug infestation can be an incredible nuisance at best. That’s why it’s important to contact a professional for bed bug treatment at the first sign of these pests. Even after the appointment is scheduled, you may not know how to prepare your home. Thankfully, the following guide lists a few important tasks to complete, which will make the treatment more effective and faster to complete.

How to Prepare Your Apartment for Bed Bug Treatment


bed bug treatmentFabrics should be completely removed from closets, regardless of their location. Whether they were hanging on coat hangers or thrown on the floor, you must collect them. You’ll also need to remove bedding and other textiles that may have come in contact with the insects. Wash the clothes and bedding if they are machine washable. Make sure you use hot water and dry them in the dryer, as the heat will kill any eggs. Items that are not machine washable should be thoroughly cleaned as instructed.

Wooden Furniture

Furniture made from wood, including bookshelves, desks, and dressers should be completely emptied before treatment. Such areas provide the perfect hiding space for bed bugs, especially when they’re full of clutter, and removing your belongings prevents them from being able to seek refuge. You should also remove the drawers from such pieces of furniture, as this will make it easier for professionals to inspect the wood.


Finally, you should remember to unplug any electronics in the rooms that are to be exterminated. Taking this extra step will speed up the process, as it keeps wires, plugs, and other items from getting in the way of the exterminator. By improving their access to your home, you aid them in providing more complete and efficient treatment, which will help prevent future infestations.


If you think you may have a bed bug problem, turn to the pest control experts at Surefire Pest Control in Las Vegas, NV. Dedicated to providing excellent customer satisfaction, these professionals can provide excellent bed bug treatment with products that are environmentally friendly. Schedule an affordable service today by calling a representative at (702) 423-7463. You can also like them on Facebook for news and updates.
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