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3 Tips for Handling a Frozen Water Well February 1, 2018

Kannapolis, Cabarrus
3 Tips for Handling a Frozen Water Well , Kannapolis, North Carolina

Your well is a trusted source for fresh, clean water. When it freezes over, you’ll be left to deal with the inconveniences. The water well maintenance professionals at Morgan Well & Pump Inc based in Kannapolis, NC, understand just how difficult this can be when cold weather blankets the region. Below, they share three ways to handle the situation if your well freezes.

3 Tips for Handling a Frozen Well From the Water Well Maintenance Experts

1. Determine the Freezing Point

water well maintenanceBear in mind that the water line for the well is usually situated below the frost line, which is the point at which groundwater freezes. So when a freeze occurs, it’s not typically due to the well itself, but another component above the frost line. Check the pipes for signs of frost or ice development, or even areas that appear to bulge or look “heavy.” If you don’t find a frozen pipe, the problem might be with the pipe connection leading to the pressure switch. If the water inside freezes, it prevents the well’s pump from operating properly.

2. Resolve the Freezing Points

If the water doesn’t turn on or the pressure is considerably weak, you can resolve the freezing point depending on the location. Warm up a pipe that’s producing low pressure by opening a couple of faucets and leaving them to drip slowly. This helps melt any ice that may be lingering in the pipes. If the pipe is completely frozen, you can try aiming a hair dryer on the lowest setting over the frozen area on the pipe or pressure switch. You can also use a heating pad for a short period to encourage water to flow.

3. Contact Water Well Maintenance Experts

Often, though, the solution rests with the professionals. If you experience a broken pipe due to freezing, you can call on the water well maintenance experts at Morgan Well & Pump. During an inspection, they’ll find and repair the leak and take steps to prevent future ones from occurring. This should restore the flow of water to your well so you can get back to using the supply. 

Don’t wait until you’re in the midst of an emergency to schedule water well maintenance. Whether you want to get an inspection or learn more about their water well services, get in touch with the team at Morgan Well & Pump. Visit them online or call them at (704) 933-0479 to discover how they can assist you.

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