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Looking Into Custom Team Uniforms? Here's How to Make Them as Sharp as Possible February 2, 2018

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Looking Into Custom Team Uniforms? Here's How to Make Them as Sharp as Possible, Cincinnati, Ohio

Being sharply dressed out on the field might not give your team a true strategic advantage, but it will undoubtedly give it a mental benefit. Whether you’re strolling out onto the pitch for a baseball game, stepping onto the court for a basketball game, or any sport in-between, wearing beautiful custom team uniforms boosts team spirit and performance. But there’s a lot more that goes into creating a great-looking uniform.

The first step to creating your custom team uniforms is choosing the right material for your squad. Different materials are better for certain activities, so getting the right one will not only keep your players comfortable, but it will also improve endurance and mobility. From mesh to polyester, there are many options. Consulting with an industry professional is the best way to narrow down which choice is best for your crew.

custom sports uniformsOnce you’ve decided on the material, color is the next step. Heading out into your game while wearing a bold and daring color is a great way to set your team apart, but you should be as specific as possible when choosing what color you want. Telling a company you want “red” isn’t too helpful, as there are usually countless “reds” to choose from. Instead, ask the company exactly what colors they offer. Once you have a full list (or even more-helpful swatches), you’ll be able to communicate the exact hue you want.

Your logo is the last aspect of the uniform to be chosen. This element is perhaps the most impactful from a visual standpoint, so make sure it’s done right. If you have a logo already created, it may need to be modified depending on what color you chose. The placement and size of the logo may also be affected by how complex the design is. Your custom team uniform company should be able to assist in choosing the optimal placement and modification.


Siefert’s Sports Center has been assisting in the creation of custom team uniforms in the Cincinnati, OH, area for nearly four decades. From material choice to logo design advice, the company takes pride in making any team looks its best when facing an opponent. For more information, call (513) 445-4057 or visit the website today.

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