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Why Is It Important to Have Your Water Tested? February 1, 2018

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Why Is It Important to Have Your Water Tested?, Taylorsville, Utah

Water wells are an excellent water supply option for many homeowners, as they typically require little upkeep. However, one important aspect of routine water well maintenance is having your water tested professionally. While municipal water supplies are routinely checked for potential contaminants, well water is the responsibility of homeowners. Below, Advanced Well Drilling & Services in Taylorsville, UT, explains the importance of water testing.

A Water Well Maintenance Guide to Testing

Why Is Well Water Testing Critical?

Testing the quality of your well water is crucial for maintaining safe, high-quality drinking water. Contaminants such as viruses, parasites, and harmful bacteria are undetectable to the naked eye and often have no taste. For this reason, the only way to be certain your water is safe is to have it tested regularly.

A few examples of possible threats are coliform bacteria, which could be harmful to your health, as well as high nitrate levels and excess fluoride. In areas where arsenic, lead, or radon may be present, these substances should also be tested for. Lastly, testing for E. Coli will ensure no sewage has entered your water supply through runoff.

water well maintenance Taylorsville UTWhen Should I Have My Water Tested?

The Groundwater Foundation recommends homeowners with wells have their water tested at least once per year. Noticeable changes in your water quality, as well as any illnesses experienced by all household occupants may also warrant testing. Your local water well maintenance team can tell you where to have your water tested; or, you can contact your local health and human services authorities to learn about certified labs in your area.

If you’re in need of any water well maintenance services, don’t hesitate to contact Advanced Well Drilling & Services. This experienced team has been helping Taylorsville area residents maintain high-quality, reliable water sources for more than 26 years. To schedule services, call (801) 572-8080, or visit their website for more information.

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