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3 Key Qualities to Look For in a Pediatric Dentist January 25, 2018

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3 Key Qualities to Look For in a Pediatric Dentist, Anchorage, Alaska

Dental visits can be traumatic experiences for children. Kids are naturally frightened and apprehensive of the unknown, and the cold, sterile environment of many dentists’ offices can be especially intimidating for them. However, with a little bit of research, you can find a pediatric dentist who will help your children enjoy their visits instead of fearing them. Read on to learn about three of the key characteristics you should look for in a kids’ dentist. 

3 Qualities of a Trustworthy Pediatric Dentist

1. Approachability

A good pediatric dentist should be approachable and engaging, not intimidating. Anyone who works with kids every day should be able to hold their attention, and the best kids’ dentists are skilled at making their patients comfortable and keeping them laughing as much as possible. Additionally, a great dentist will be able to make even shy children feel welcome and less afraid. 

Pediatric Dentist2. Patience

Many children are reluctant to sit in the dentist’s chair on their first visit. A good kids’ dentist will be patient with your child and do a good job of chatting with them until they’re comfortable enough to climb up and have their teeth examined. Forcing a child to do something they’re scared of can make their fears worse, so patience is the most important quality you’re looking for. 

3. Firmness

Firmness doesn’t have to be an intimidating quality! Any parent knows that children need specific, easy-to-understand instructions and the calm authority of an adult when they are scared. A competent pediatric dentist will be able to tell their patients exactly what to do without sounding mean or angry. This firmness reassures kids and inspires trust. 


Discovery Dental in Eagle River, AK, aims to create a generation of children who enjoy dental care. Pediatric dentistry is a vital part of children’s overall health, and Discovery Dental specializes in patient, compassionate dental care for kids so that they have both healthy teeth and a great relationship with oral health. Visit their website to meet their team, and call (907) 622-5437 for more information and appointments. 

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