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Top 3 Tips for Decluttering Your Home With Residential Storage February 1, 2018

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Top 3 Tips for Decluttering Your Home With Residential Storage, Columbia Falls, Montana

Unless you keep meticulous track of everything and frequently purge possessions, a cluttered home can happen before you know it. It may seem as if you were buried in your belongings overnight, and the thought of organizing your home becomes an intimidating prospect. With a little help from residential storage and a few other essential steps, though, anyone can successfully declutter. 

Top 3 Ways to Declutter Your Home

residential storage1. Tackle Clutter in Small Steps

One of the quickest paths to burning out on a task is starting with an unmanageable scope. This holds especially true for organization, which can be overwhelming in the early stages. To overcome this hurdle and finish each step of the process with a real sense of accomplishment, divide it into smaller chunks. The "drawer-a-day" method is an effective means of focusing your attention on a single drawer, countertop, corner, or shelf at a time. 

2. Rethink Organization Methods

In many cases, a cluttered household results from a lack of organization. Take some time to rethink the way you store items, and start implementing sorting methods while you clean. This could be as simple as creating categories for objects you want to keep, those you want to donate, and anything else you would rather recycle or throw away. Be sure to label any boxes as you fill them.

3. Place Overflow in Residential Storage

Do you have an abundance of items you’d like to keep but don't always need within reach? There are countless storage solutions at your disposal, and moving items to another location will help immensely. Once you determine the unit size you require, you can start taking belongings to the storage space, freeing up room within your home. If you have any trouble choosing candidates for storage, start with items that don't get much use anymore and go from there. 


Once you get in the groove, you'll find it easier to make quick decisions regarding what stays, what goes, and what ends up in a storage unit for safekeeping. For residents throughout Columbia Falls, MT, CJ's Storage is the go-to source for all self-storage needs. They offer a variety of unit sizes, and on-site managers are always available to help. Head to their website to learn more about their services, follow them on Facebook for updates, and call them at (406) 892-1272 to discuss residential storage options today.

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