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Rockford Auto Experts Highlight 3 Ways to Keep Your Car's Body in Top Shape This Winter February 1, 2018

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Rockford Auto Experts Highlight 3 Ways to Keep Your Car's Body in Top Shape This Winter, Greenfield, Minnesota

Winter weather can bring more than tricky driving conditions; snow, ice, and rock salt can also pose a real threat to your vehicle’s paint. Without proper care, exposure to these materials can wear down your paint and increase your risk for corrosion, resulting in unsightly surface damage and potentially harming the underlying components. As the auto experts at Autoworks Collision Center in Rockford, MN, explain, following a few essential practices will fully winterize your vehicle’s body.

3 Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle’s Body During the Winter

1. Use Polymer Wax

Applying a durable layer of polymer wax will go a long way in protecting your vehicle from grime and salt. Polymer wax is relatively easy to buff in and can provide a durable layer of protection that lasts for up to six months. One application will get you through the entire winter.

2. Careful Brushing

auto expertsWhen snow and ice accumulate on your vehicle, it’s natural to reach for an ice scraper. However, to avoid accidental damage to the car’s paint, auto experts recommend that you use a soft brush rather than a hard scraper. Plastic ice scrapers have been known to scratch vehicle paint, creating an opportunity for rust and corrosion to spread.

3. Consistent Washing

While it might seem impossible to keep your car clean during the winter, consistently washing between storms is an absolute must for preventing paint damage and corrosion. Pay extra attention to the undercarriage and wheels, where salt and road grit often accumulate. For best results, a pressure wash is the most reliable method for eliminating these contaminants.

From dent removal to frame repair, the auto experts at Autoworks Collision Center will help your vehicle look like new again after an accident. In business since 1995, you can trust their Automotive Service Excellence-certified technicians to provide fast, reliable results. To learn more about their services, visit them online or call (763) 477-6653 today.

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