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How Can a Chiropractor Help Kids? January 31, 2018

Manhattan, New York City, NY
How Can a Chiropractor Help Kids?, Manhattan, New York

Though it may not be immediately noticeable, some kids experience issues with back pain and stiffness just like adults. In many cases, working with a skilled chiropractor can offer relief to children, especially those active in sports and other athletic pursuits. Below are a few benefits of scheduling an appointment whether or not your child begins mentioning pain or discomfort.

How Chiropractic Treatment Benefits Kids

Addresses Birth Issues

Birth can cause trauma for many infants, including improper development of the spine and surrounding tissues. Chiropractic care for newborn babies addresses the neurological effect of this trauma and how it affects their functional well-being. As gentle touch adjustments to the spine are made, stress is released from the nervous system and internal organs. Chiropractic care can also facilitate a better growth pattern during the all-important first year of your baby’s life, with specific check-ups scheduled at key stages of development, like holding the head up on their own, sitting, crawling, walking, etc. 

Encourages Good Posture

Older kids also benefit from chiropractic care but early on proper posture development plays a significant role in ongoing overall health, as experienced by adults who sit for an extended portion of the day. Chiropractic care lays the foundation for good posture throughout life, and chiropractors teach parents the benefits of tummy time, floor play and cross body movement patterns, to name a few.  

Relieves Stress

Between school and social obligations, many kids are as stressed as their parents. A session with a chiropractor is a holistic method of stress management. Adjustments relieve neurological tension and as a result can ease tension in the muscles and joints, improving overall relaxation. Additionally, chiropractic care isn’t associated with harmful side effects like some medications. 

Promotes a Healthier Lifestyle

Whether your child is already active or hoping to increase activity level, chiropractic care can relieve joint aches and pains that may make your child feel sluggish or slow them down. Relief of stress not only offers cognitive benefits, but it can also boost a child’s immune system and overall health. As a result, your child can pursue sports and other physical activities with vigor. For less active kids, visiting a chiropractor can be just the thing to encourage increased physicality. 


If your child has not been checked by a Pediatric Certified Chiropractor, contact the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association or the chiropractic team at Pure Balance. These New York City chiropractors provide safe and effective treatments to people of all ages, no matter the scope or severity of the issue at hand. Learn more about scheduling a session with a pediatric chiropractor by calling (212) 661-5656 today. You can also visit them in their Clifton, NJ office for more information and their full range of services.


This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek professional advice from your physician or other qualified health provider if you have any questions about a medical condition.

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