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What You Should Know About Cremations January 31, 2018

North Haven, New Haven County
What You Should Know About Cremations, North Haven, Connecticut

Many people are opting for cremation these days when it comes to funeral planning. As a result, getting answers to common questions about it is integral to making the right decision, whether you’re considering the type of service you’d prefer or planning a funeral for a loved one. The staff at Washington Memorial Funeral Home in North Haven, CT, can help you make the best decision, thanks to their extensive experience and genuine regard for their clients.

FAQ About Cremation

Does Cremation Require a Casket?

Caskets are not required during cremation. However, depending on the state where you live, some container, usually constructed from cardboard or wood, might be needed. Your funeral director can provide insight into the specific regulations in your state.

Can the Urn Be Present During the Funeral?

Most families want the urn containing their loved one’s remains to be present during the funeral service. The presence of an urn can be comforting, and it provides a point of focus during the funeral. Additionally, most religions allow for an urn to be placed within a house of worship when conducting a funeral.

What Can I Do With Cremated Remains?

cremationIt’s not uncommon for a person to specify plans for cremated remains. For instance, some people would like to be buried in a family plot or scattered in a beloved location, such as the ocean. Laws vary depending on where you live, so be sure you’re well-informed before considering your options. Connecticut, for example, has no laws regarding the scattering of ashes.

How Do I Know if I’ve Received the Correct Remains?

Because it’s so important, funeral homes often implement strict standards when it comes to identifying bodies and accompanying remains. If you’re concerned about possible mistakes, speak with funeral home staff so that you’re aware of their specific practice.  

Serving the Greater New Haven County area for over 24 years, Washington Memorial Funeral Home is dedicated to providing fitting and respectful funeral and cremation services for all. Learn more about this funeral home and their cremation process by visiting them online. Call (203) 239-6000 to speak to a representative about your needs.

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