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What Is a Compounding Pharmacy & How Does it Help? January 31, 2018

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What Is a Compounding Pharmacy & How Does it Help?, Red Bud, Illinois

Although many prescription medications function effectively for the majority of patients, some patients respond best to drugs that are tailored to their specific needs. In these instances, a compounding pharmacy can help. A typical drug store carries medications as they’ve been manufactured. At a compounding drug store, pharmacists can offer special preparations of medical prescriptions. This helps patients who need stronger effects than they can get from manufactured drugs.

What Is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Pharmacy-Red-Bud-ILOffers Specialized Services

There are many reasons why a patient might need a medication that has been prepared especially for them. Sometimes the available dosages are not effective for this particular individual. Sometimes a specific but nonessential ingredient, like lactose or gluten, results in unpleasant side effects. For other conditions, a drug may no longer be available. In some instances, patients are children who can’t tolerate the flavor of medication; a pharmacist can adjust the medicine to make it more palatable.

Finding the Right Pharmacist

Not all pharmacists can offer this service. They need access to specialized equipment to alter existing prescription medication. While all licensed pharmacists undergo training in the compounding process, most don’t apply that training to their day-to-day work, as they haven’t invested in the right tools.

If your physician recommends adjusting a medication to boost its effectiveness, it’s important to ask a pharmacist if they can provide this service. Don’t settle for a prescription in its manufactured form if that form is less than ideal. Find someone who can offer the exact drug you require.


Are you looking for a compounding pharmacy in the Red Bud, IL, area? If so, visit Gibson Drugs, serving the region for more than 35 years. They’ll work with you to ensure you get the right medication, no matter your condition. Contact them online for more information, or call (618) 282-6231.

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