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4 Clever Reasons Why U.S. Companies Perform Drug Tests on Employees February 1, 2018

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4 Clever Reasons Why U.S. Companies Perform Drug Tests on Employees, Pecos, Texas

Many businesses consider drug testing to be an important part of the employee hiring process, and some also use random testing to ensure their workers don’t abuse drugs after they get hired. Although prospective employees may get frustrated, screening for drug use helps protect businesses, their customers, and their employees in several ways. 

4 Reasons Why Businesses Use Drug Testing

1. Ensure Workplace Safety

Using drugs impairs an employee’s ability to fully carry out their job duties, and in many cases, this can pose a significant safety hazard. For example, workers whose occupations require driving, operating machinery, or handling dangerous materials are especially vulnerable to accidents, even without drugs. Therefore, it’s imperative for these employees to have full control of their senses at all times, which protects themselves and those around them.

alcohol test2. Maintain Productivity Levels

Drugs and alcohol impair judgment, reduce concentration and motivation, and generally decrease productivity in workers. Because companies must be mindful of profits, maintaining productivity levels is essential. If work is not completed on time or the quality of the work is poor, businesses could see their bottom lines affected.

3. Save Money 

Injuries incurred in the workplace can lead to significant medical costs and increased health insurance premiums. Worker’s compensation payouts can be a major hit for a company. In addition, accidents and negligent acts can have legal consequences, and a company may be found liable in a lawsuit. Even if a business is not found to be at fault, they may still have to pay large fees for their legal defense.

4. Help Their Employees & the Community

Many businesses choose drug testing because they believe it’s simply the right thing to do. Drug and alcohol abuse can contribute to crime and other societal issues, so by screening prospective employees, companies believe they’re helping to prevent a drug epidemic from growing in the community. Testing employees after they’re hired is also a way to ensure they’re staying healthy and avoiding substance abuse. Some companies offer rehabilitation services and counseling for workers who test positive for drugs.


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