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3 Signs It Is Time to Schedule Fence Repair Services January 31, 2018

Clinton, Island
3 Signs It Is Time to Schedule Fence Repair Services, Clinton, Washington

Your fence plays an important role in protecting your property from unwanted visitors and safeguarding your kids and pets. When the structure is damaged, however, you’ll need to contact a fence repair professional to restore it. Below are three signs that call for the help of a residential fence contractor.

When to Schedule for Fence Repairs

1. Rotting

fence repairInspect the integrity of the fence. If you notice that what was once pristine wood is now rotting, a fence repair specialist can take a look at it. Rot usually occurs in areas of high moisture or when the soil underneath is too moist. This is an inhospitable environment for a fence that thrives on dry conditions, such as a cement foundation. When wood is wet, it may eventually collapse. If the problem isn’t too far gone, residential fence contractors can remove and replace the rotting areas so it doesn’t spread.

2. Insects

Insects can cause unsightly damage to your fence. Wooden fences, in particular, may suffer if they’re exposed to termites. The insects can easily chew through the material and destroy the integrity of the fence. Ants and beetles are also attracted to wood and once they find their way inside it’s difficult to remove them. Repair professionals can remove the damaged areas and put new slats in place. If you find that it’s too much of a concern, you might consider a vinyl fence, which is typically resistant to insects.

3. Sagging

Sagging is an issue that affects everything from wood to vinyl fences. One of the main reasons it occurs is due to a poorly completed fence installation. When you call a fence repair expert, they’ll place a steel reinforcement beneath a vinyl unit to provide support. Wooden fences can be braced to prevent sagging, which is not uncommon in older structures.


It’s wise to contact a residential fence contractor at the first sign of a problem, as issues such as rot and insect damage only grow worse with time. If you’re concerned about the condition of your fence, turn to the team at McBride Fence Inc. to resolve the problem. Residents and business owners in Clinton, WA, and all of Whidbey Island rely on these residential and commercial contractors for all of their fence repair, installation, and maintenance needs. Visit their website or give them a call at (360) 579-2957.