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5 Benefits of Cloud Services for Your Business February 6, 2018

Ambler, Montgomery County
5 Benefits of Cloud Services for Your Business, Ambler, Pennsylvania

As technology becomes more integrated into daily life and business, an increasing amount of computing and storage is hosted on the cloud. The cloud includes various services and functions — including free or pay-as-you-go applications for everything from document sharing and email to sales and music — hosted online instead of on your computer. Moving to cloud services for your business’ storage and workspace provides several advantages with an impact on your profits.

Why Use the Cloud

1. Reduced Costs

cloud servicesIf you’ve maintained servers in the past, you know it can be a drain on your resources. The equipment itself is expensive — so are the personnel to run it and the power to keep it on. By shifting to cloud-based computing, you can eliminate or significantly reduce these costs. The same is true for using web-based applications rather than downloading software to your business’s computers.

2. Scalability

Unlike in-house servers, which provide a finite amount of space for your data, cloud services are virtually limitless. Choose a plan which provides enough space and bandwidth for your needs. This will ensure you don’t run out of space and can use the services worry-free.

3. Reliability

One of the biggest benefits of storing your data on the cloud is that it’s backed up and protected to prevent data loss. You won’t have to worry about data erasure — the information will always be there. Similarly, cloud-based applications and services will always be available to your business, without relying on individual computers which may crash.

4. Flexibility

Data which is stored remotely can be securely accessed from practically anywhere in the world. This is great for setting up collaboration between different locations or allowing your employees to work from home. Many online services are designed specifically with this type of collaboration in mind.

5. Automatic Updates

Software producers are constantly creating upgrades to their systems to improve safety and usability. Depending on your cloud services provider, you may have automatic access to these updates. For example, if you use Google Docs®, you’ll automatically have access to each new upgrade; if you were relying on traditional word processing software, you would have to buy each new version of the program separately.


As you set up your business internet service, consider choosing cloud-based storage and computing to power your company. If you’re interested in cloud computing or the other ways modern technology can help your business, get in touch with Communications Deployment PartnersBased in Ambler, PA, this IT consultant has provided a full range of communication services and solutions for the last ten years. Their phone, internet, and cloud services are designed to make your business more effective and successful on the modern market. To learn more, call them today at (800) 860-8777 or reach out online.

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