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5 Tips to Make Winter Running More Pleasant February 12, 2018

Troy, Miami
5 Tips to Make Winter Running More Pleasant, Troy, Ohio

If you’re a runner, you know how invigorating it is to be out in the open air with the pavement flying away under your feet. But whether you’re a lone runner or exercise in a group, winter running can be less than pleasant. Below, Up and Running In Dayton, a fitness apparel outfitter in Ohio, shares how you can move more comfortably through those unpleasant winter months.

Fitness Apparel Store on How to Make Winter Running Enjoyable

1. Dress Appropriately

Clothing and shoes are the most crucial aspects to get right. Always wear a hat and gloves, running shoes that don’t have mesh, and socks that absorb moisture without bleeding warmth. Wear layers, and tie the excess clothes around your waist if you start to feel too warm. Visit a fitness apparel store to browse your options in person.

2. Always Warm Up Beforehand

Fitness ApparelSeasoned runners often warm up before a run, but it’s essential when the weather outside is frightfully cold. Take a few moments to move around indoors before you head out. Walk around for a few minutes, perform five to six strides, and perform dynamic stretches. These exercises will raise your core temperature, protecting you from the cold.

3. Be Safe

If possible, take your winter runs in the middle of the day. With an early sunset and late sunrise, daylight hours are scarce and should be treasured. Running in the middle of the day ensures visibility and allows you to take advantage of slightly warmer temperatures.

4. Consider the Wind

Even the slightest breeze can make the air seem colder in winter. As you head out, start off with the wind in your face and finish off with it at your back. This way, by the time you’re soaked in sweat, you won’t have to deal with the chill of it. Many runners also use anti-chafing balm or petroleum jelly to protect exposed skin from biting wind.

5. Warm Up After

Get out of your wet clothes as soon as you return home. Otherwise, you could develop an unpleasant chill. Replace everything down to your undergarments, and warm up with a hot drink.

The right gear is crucial for a safe winter run. If you’re looking for a fitness apparel supplier in Montgomery County, Up and Running In Dayton can help you suit up for cold weather. They can provide custom shoes and host fitness classes and other events. Contact them today at (937) 432-9210 or visit their website for more information.

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