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What You Should Know About Playing Laser Tag February 2, 2018

Fairlawn, Waterbury
What You Should Know About Playing Laser Tag, Waterbury, Connecticut

Laser tag is a fun game that is similar to paintball but without all the mess. Instead of paintballs or harmful pellets, the guns for this game use beams and can tag other players from hundreds of feet away. It’s a fantastic game to play during corporate events, birthday parties, or fundraisers. To give you more information about how to play laser tag, the team at Laser Planet in Waterbury, CT, offers a brief guide below.

laser tagA Guide to Laser Tag

Laser tag is a fast-paced game for two or more people. You and your group can play it outdoors, but indoor arenas are typically preferred. Players enter the area armed with phaser guns and wearing a vest. The object of the game is to “tag” the other team by shooting at them to earn the most points.

Before the game begins, you should familiarize yourself with the equipment you'll use. The phaser gun shoots an infrared signal when the player pulls the trigger. It is then picked up by the sensors on the vest. 

The rules of laser tag can vary depending on the equipment and the rules set by the arena. For instance, some guns will reset for a few seconds if the player’s vest is hit. The length of the game will also vary. The average time for a game is 10 to 12 minutes, but those who play laser tag for sport can set up games for 20 minutes or more.

It’s important to remember that while the game is action-packed, it’s meant to be non-contact. Unlike flag football or traditional tag, this particular game does not warrant physical contact between players. Hitting, tripping, or otherwise touching other players will cause you to leave the arena. 

If you’re ready to experience the fun of laser tag, head over to Laser Planet where you can experience one of Waterbury’s largest multi-level arenas. Whether you’re seeking a competitive laser tag game or a fun night out with your family, Laser Planet is enjoyable for all ages. You can even rent out the entire space to host private birthday parties or corporate events. To book your next event, call (203) 841-0081, or visit them online for more information. 

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