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Filing a Personal Injury Claim? 4 Things You Need to Know First. February 12, 2018

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Filing a Personal Injury Claim? 4 Things You Need to Know First., Cambridge, Massachusetts

Accident victims who have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, whether an automobile accident, an attack by an aggressive dog, or some other harm, often find themselves inundated with questions and forms to fill out, as well as navigating through a confusing legal system. 

Injured parties frequently ask:  Do I need a personal injury attorney? Should I trust the defendant’s insurance company?  Should I accept the insurance company’s offer to resolve my case?  Below are answers to a few of the most common questions that claimants have after being injured due to another party’s negligence or recklessness.

1)  Should I Speak to the Insurance Adjuster?

Speaking to the insurance adjuster yourself is never a good idea, especially if you are still recovering from your.  It’s always better to have someone in your own corner, who can advocate for you, rather than accept the opinion of the defendant’s insurance adjuster.  The defendant’s interests will always trump yours.  Not surprisingly, when lawyers, who do not practice personal injury law, are injured in car accidents or injured in other types of accidents, those attorneys virtually always retain experienced accident lawyers to advocate for them.  They are mindful of one of the first lessons learned in law school and, that is the sage advice of Attorney Abraham Lincoln before launching a career in politics, “A attorney who represents himself, has a fool for a client.”  

Often sincere and innocent comments, when made to an insurance representative, can be twisted and taken out of context to the injured party detriment.  So, when the insurance calls, tell them to contact your personal injury attorney, who will handle all communications for you.

2)  What Damages Can I Collect?

personal injury attorneyYour final settlement award will typically include compensation for all your medical expenses, including those for future treatment, and any wages you’ve lost as a result of the incident. Other common components of damages, which injured parties are compensated. are pain and suffering, diminished quality of life.  There are still other and your personal injury attorney will explain all of them to you. 

3)  How Will I Pay My Medical Expenses?

If you have health insurance or Personal Injury Protection Benefits (often referred to a PIP Benefits) as part of your auto policy, at least initially, your medical costs should be covered.  However, if you don’t have coverage or the total amount exceeds your policy limit, your accident attorney will work with healthcare providers so that your medical treatment continues while you recover from your injuries.   

4)  What if I Didn’t Feel Hurt Immediately?

It’s not uncommon for some injuries to present hours or even days after an accident. Fortunately, you can still file a claim for these damages, but the insurer may claim that your injuries are unrelated to the incident. As soon as the pain begins, see your doctor or, if you are in serious pain, go to hospital emergency room.  The healthcare provider will always ask how your suffered your injuries, which will give you an opportunity to describe how your were injured.   Soon thereafter, contact a personal injury attorney so you will have an advocate on your side.  

As one of the top law firms in Boston, MA, Bellotti Law Group, PC, has extensive experience helping accident victims collect the compensation they deserve. If you’ve been hurt by someone else’s negligence, you can rely on this highly-respected legal team to ensure you get the maximum award for your injuries. To arrange a consultation with a personal injury attorney, visit their website today or call (617) 778-1000.

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