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5 Simple Ways to Get Your Landscaping Ready for Spring February 2, 2018

Long Valley, Morris County
5 Simple Ways to Get Your Landscaping Ready for Spring, Long Valley, New Jersey

Spring can seem far away when it’s still winter, but in a few short weeks, small buds promising warmer weather will begin to sprout. In the meantime, there are a few landscaping tips homeowners can follow to get their property ready for a bountiful season. Putting in a little extra work now will help you get your spring planting thrive and bloom.

How to Prepare for Spring Landscaping Projects

1. Plan Your Design

Would you like to have a sprawling flower garden this year, or is your goal to have a lush, vibrant lawn with a few eye-catching elements sprinkled in? Browse lawn and garden websites and magazines to find design inspiration.

2. Research Local Plant Life

landscaping Long Valley NJAfter you have a general idea of how you want the yard to look, refine your options further by identifying your climate and plant hardiness zone. Which species are most likely to thrive in your area? Give your landscaping the greatest odds of staying healthy by incorporating regional plants into your design.

3. Identify Risks

Think about the issues that commonly affect plants in your area. Insects, rodents, fungi, and weather conditions can all impact growth. Even specific parts of your property may pose growing challenges; areas with limited sunlight might not be able to sustain plants that need full sun exposure. Conversely, too much direct light can overwhelm certain species.

4. Develop a Maintenance Plan

How much time do you have to dedicate to maintenance tasks like pruning, weed removal, and mowing? This might determine which types of plants you add to the landscape design. Developing a schedule now can make these chores more manageable or help you decide whether to invest in expert landscape services.

5. Recruit Professional Help

If you plan on changing the contours of the yard to support your new landscape design, then you need expert assistance. Professional designers have the tools and skills to bring your vision to life and ensure the plants will be healthy. Getting in touch with a team now increases the likelihood of finishing the project in time for spring, so you can enjoy the results as soon as the weather warms up!


Landscape design, construction, and maintenance are made simple with help from the talented professionals at DRS Lawn & Landscape. Serving Long Valley, NJ and surrounding Morris County neighborhoods, these experts have nearly three decades of experience. Learn more about their services by visiting their website, and call (908) 879-0600 to discuss your landscaping goals for the spring.

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