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3 Signs of a Suspension Problem Involving the Strut Assembly January 30, 2018

Hilo, Hawaii
3 Signs of a Suspension Problem Involving the Strut Assembly, Hilo, Hawaii

The suspension system is responsible for keeping the vehicle’s entire body level as you drive over uneven surfaces. In doing so, it also ensures the comfort of everyone inside the vehicle while protecting the engine and all of the other car parts. This essential automotive system is made of several components, including shock absorbers, springs, and struts. The strut is attached to the vehicle’s chassis and wheel assembly. If it wears down or fails, it can affect your comfort and safety. 

When Do You Have a Problem With the Struts?

1. Unusual Tire Wear

suspensionThe struts have a direct impact on wheel alignment—specifically on the front end of the vehicle. When they start to wear out, the entire suspension system will sag, causing the front tires to absorb more weight, generating more heat from road friction and wearing down their tread. Alternately, when struts don’t perform as they should, they won’t keep your tires in constant contact with the surface, leading to uneven wear patterns. Be sure to have the suspension fixed and the wheels aligned before replacing the tires.

2. Bouncy Ride

This symptom doesn’t always point directly at the strut assembly, as issues with other parts of the suspension system could also lead to a rough ride. However, since the struts are responsible for absorbing the up and down and side to side motion of the vehicle as you brake and maneuver, this symptom is one of the first things you will notice when the struts wear down or get damaged. There is a particular softness or looseness to the way the vehicle will bounce, which should help you identify the problem.

3. Clunking Noises

The struts are designed to move in unison with the chassis and wheel assembly when you drive over a bump on the road. When they get too worn down, their range of motion gets bigger, which results in clunking or knocking noises, as metal parts come into contact with each other. Neglecting to have the struts replaced immediately could lead to other parts of the assembly getting damaged as well.  


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