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Why Vintage Jewelry Makes the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift January 31, 2018

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Why Vintage Jewelry Makes the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift, Martinsburg, West Virginia

While typical Valentine’s Day gifts such as stuffed bears, flowers, and chocolates are thoughtful, if you want to really wow your date with an amazing gift, pick up some rare vintage jewelry at a local antique store. Located in the historic district of downtown Martinsburg, WV, Queen Street Gallery has been providing art lovers with incredible, diverse art for over 20 years. As antique experts, they have some advice on why antique jewelry proves to be a stunning gift for Valentine’s Day. 

Enchant Your Date With the Gift of Vintage Jewelry 

Give a Gift With a History

There’s something far more sentimental about a beautifully preserved piece of vintage jewelry than something new, as any antique has a story behind it. Whether a piece’s history is known or a mystery, retro jewelry is a form of antique art that makes an excellent gift your date will treasure.

Vintage Jewelry Has Unique Charm

vintage jewelryLike original art, vintage jewelry has its own charm that sets it apart. Rather than purchasing mass-produced earrings, opt for a vintage pair or perhaps a pin or locket. Put a bit of thought into the items your significant other fancies. Do they love flowers, hearts, or gold? It’s easy to find antique pieces that will be personally meaningful to them. 

Vintage Jewelry Is Timeless

Trends come and go in the world of fashion and decor, but vintage styles remain timeless. Whether it’s from the midcentury modern era or the Victorian era, ensure your gift will be prized for decades and invest in a classic piece of vintage jewelry.

To browse a top-quality selection of vintage jewelry for your special someone, stop by Queen Street Gallery. Other forms of art also make wonderful gifts, and the team offers a collection of original art, antique posters, and sculptures, as well as custom framing services. Visit their website to place an online order, or give them a call at (304) 263-9495 to get a free quote for custom framing. 

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