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Why Cable TV Still Beats Cord-Cutting Your Service February 7, 2018

Cook, Westmoreland
Why Cable TV Still Beats Cord-Cutting Your Service, Cook, Pennsylvania

Because there are so many different streaming-only content providers that allow online viewing of movies and television shows, some people are cord-cutting their cable TV in favor of these services. That abundance of online services, however, is one of the main reasons why sticking to your cable TV package is the best choice.

The Initial Appeal of Cord-Cutting

Dropping your cable TV package in favor of a single streaming-only service will reduce your monthly bill. This lower price, however, is typically short-lived. It’s only a matter of time before you realize that one of your favorite shows isn’t available on the chosen service. To not miss out on a single episode, you might add another streaming service to your lineup. Suddenly, your monthly bill doubles or triples depending on the service tier you’ve chosen.

Too Many Options to Worry About

Even if you’re okay with incrementally raising your monthly bill, there are other inconveniences of cord-cutting that might not be apparent until after the switch. The user interfaces for streaming-only services can be a jumbled mess for those not well-versed in technology. Plus, there’s no connected portal to access all the content. You’re left switching between one app to another depending on what show you want to watch, leading to a frustrating exercise in flip-flopping.

Delayed Upload

cable tvWhen you’ve finally navigated through the different interfaces to find your show, you still might not be able to watch it. Delayed air dates are common for streaming-only services. While your peers are buzzing about the latest episode that was on cable TV last night, you’ll be waiting weeks or months to finally watch it.

Fully embracing the cord-cutting lifestyle may seem attractive at first, but there are several downfalls that make cable TV a popular choice. Plus, now that most shows can be recorded and played back at your convenience, traditional TV is more flexible than ever before.


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