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5 Ways to Maximize Space With Cabinets February 1, 2018

Utica, Chickasaw
5 Ways to Maximize Space With Cabinets, Utica, Iowa

When you need more space in your kitchen or you want to maximize an unused area, cabinets may be the perfect solution. A well-thought out kitchen design will create the perfect combination of functionality, organization, storage, and comfort. There are many ways to use kitchen cabinets to your advantage.

How to Make More Space With Cabinets

1. Build Vertically

Use the entire wall when designing your cabinets, and make good use of extra space all the way to the ceiling. Shelving that extends high up utilizes every inch while providing extra storage. Those higher areas are perfect for storing less necessary kitchen gadgets or seasonal dinnerware and mugs you don’t use often, freeing up lower levels for everyday items.

2. Create a Functional Island

cabinetsIf you have an island or intend on adding one during home remodeling, make sure the piece you install also has a set of cabinets and drawers. This adds to your storage options, and a well-placed island offers a convenient work area complete with easy-to-access preparation and serving tools.  

3. Upgrade Corner Cabinets

Even though corner cabinets use awkward areas of your kitchen, they can be frustrating if you can’t reach the items stored in the back. Install pull-out shelving, so you can use these cabinets easily, and everything inside will be simple to grab because of the sliding piece.  

Double Up Storage

For deep drawers and cabinets, add levels to organize and eliminate wasted space. Secret drawers, or shelving that lifts or slides to reveal more shelving behind it makes the best use of wide, deep storage areas and keeps everything organized.

Use Every Inch

Shelves aren’t the only organizational tools to install in cabinets. Try adding hooks, slots, and more. Hooks are excellent for hanging utensils, small pots, or dish towels while slots are an easy way to store items vertically, like baking sheets and lids. Aside from making it easier to find everything, these features utilize any available space, vertically or horizontally, and free up shelves for bulkier pieces.


Brincks Construction & Cabinet in Lawler, WI, has provided the La Crosse area, as well as Rochester, MN, and Cedar Rapids, IA, with custom home construction services since 1980. Their cabinet design and expertise in building materials ensure that your next kitchen remodel will have exactly what you need to maximize space and convenience. To learn more about their kitchen cabinet offerings, visit them online or call (866) 847-3202.

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