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What Is Asperger Syndrome? Neuropsychiatry Specialists Explain February 8, 2018

Charlotte, Mecklenburg
What Is Asperger Syndrome? Neuropsychiatry Specialists Explain, Charlotte, North Carolina

Mental health conditions are often simplified in the media, making it easy to develop misconceptions about their nature. Aspergerism, also known as Asperger Syndrome, is one of the most complex of these conditions, and the neuropsychiatry staff at North Carolina Neuropsychiatry PA, in Chapel Hill, NC, want to provide further insight for parents. In many cases, it can be difficult to recognize, and no two cases are the same, so read on to learn what symptoms to look for in your child.

What Is Asperger Syndrome?

Asperger syndrome is a form of higher functioning autism. Because the side effects of aspergerism can be so mild, many people suffering from it are never identified. You may have spoken with someone suffering from it and not have even been aware, but it’s still important to understand it.

neurospychiatryOne of the most distinct characteristics of Asperger syndrome is intelligence. Unlike other forms of autism, people with Asperger syndrome can range from average intelligence to an extremely high and uncommon level of intelligence. People suffering from it often make extensive efforts to fit in, though a debilitating understanding of social rules and communication skills can make it difficult. Because of this, they often require special education in schools as well as regular neuropsychiatry care.

Although it can be difficult to identify, people with Asperger Syndrome have several traits that a neuropsychologist can identify. They often have trouble with routines, have difficulty socializing with people their age, and are typically obsessed with a single subject while ignoring all others. They may also be sensitive to environmental stimuli and exhibit awkward speech patterns. It’s important to seek neuropsychiatric advice if you suspect any of these traits in your child. With the right care and therapy, it’s possible for people with aspergerism to live happy, fulfilling lives.

If you’re interested in exploring treatment and care for aspergerism and related neuropsychiatry conditions, turn to the professionals at North Carolina Neuropsychiatry PA. They offer a variety of services for mood disorders, learning disabilities, and more, and are committed to building healthy, long-term relationships with their patients. Call (919) 933-2000 today to schedule a consultation and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their services.

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