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5 Dentist-Approved Foods for Healthy Teeth in Pregnancy September 6, 2018

Rochester, Rochester, NY
5 Dentist-Approved Foods for Healthy Teeth in Pregnancy, Rochester, New York

Your dental health affects the overall wellness of you and your baby. If you are expecting, seeing a dentist during your pregnancy is just as important as visiting your doctor. Protecting your oral health and making wise meal choices will prevent dental problems that cause prenatal complications. Read the following list to find the ideal foods to eat. 

Food Choices to Make Your Dentist Proud

1. Leafy Greens 

Your choices for healthy, leafy greens include tasty selections like kale, romaine lettuce, collard greens, bok choy, spinach, swiss chard, and arugula. Dentists recommend these vegetables for their pregnant patients because they are rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins A, B, and C, and folic acid. With greens, you can nourish your baby while also making your teeth stronger. 

2. Colorful Vegetables 

DentistBroccoli, brussel sprouts, red cabbage, beets, and carrots are bright in color, which means they are packed with important vitamins and minerals. By eating these foods, you will benefit from vitamins A and C, fiber, folic acid, and potassium. Sweet peppers, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes are also healthy, detoxifying choices. 

3. Mixed Berries 

Dark berries are also rich in nutrients. Acai berries, cranberries, blackberries, blueberries, and Goji berries include antioxidants, amino and fatty acids, and vitamins C and K. Enjoy them at mealtime or for a healthy snack, but remember to rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth afterward, as they are known to stain enamel. 

4. Enriched Cereals 

Cereal rich in fiber and folic acid is an ideal breakfast choice for pregnant women. The vitamins also protect your gums and teeth. Find a tasty, enriched option containing 100% of your daily value of folic acid to keep your body nourished. 

5. Dairy Products 

Yogurt, cheese, and milk are great for your teeth and help your baby grow. Calcium, folate, and vitamins B12, A, and D are all present in dairy products. Pack creamy Greek yogurt in your lunch, drink milk for breakfast, or find a creamy cheese to top your salad. 


Managing your oral health prevents complications and makes you feel your best. Dr. David K. Skeels in Rochester, NY, is a family dentist who understands how to care for pregnant women; he’ll provide an evaluation and customize a program specifically for you. To schedule an appointment, call 585-467-7000 today. To learn about the practice and its calm and positive atmosphere, visit the website. Discover teeth cleaning and whitening tips by following their office on Facebook

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