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A Look at the Last Decade of Men’s Wear February 13, 2018

Downtown Ansonia, Ansonia
A Look at the Last Decade of Men’s Wear, Ansonia, Connecticut

Many trends, styles, and fads have come and gone in the past 10 years, especially in men’s wear. With the beginning of a new year, expect new looks to emerge in the coming months. Until then, here are the most notable fashion developments of the last decade and what brought about those changes.

Recent Men’s Wear Trends

The Looks

The late 2000s were full of loud t-shirts, flannel, aviators, and the revival of letterman and black leather jackets. Currently, there’s a movement combining sporty with business casual. From sports coats layered over sweaters and cardigans to hoodies with brown leather jackets, the line between professional and laidback is blurring. Most noteworthy is the switch from flashy, bright hues to reserved neutral colors. Over the last ten years, men’s fashion has transitioned from spontaneity to relaxed looks.

The Influence

men's wearDifferent aspects of daily life are changing how you shop, from the growth of the internet to the transformation of social media usage. You can find any information you need about a store simply by viewing their webpage. Online browsing has made it easier to buy whatever you want, whenever you want. With more time to consider and expand your wardrobe, it’s no wonder combining styles and creating complementary color schemes has become so popular. 

Additionally, instead of primarily advertising in magazine and television ads, clothing lines are using online advertisements. From blogs to informational sites, the way businesses spread their image is changing. Many are sponsoring popular YouTubers and Instagrammers to promote their brand, giving them the ability to reach a diverse audience. Open access to trending styles makes it easier for people to follow them, thus making modern fashion more coherent and available than ever.


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