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3 Tips for Preserving the Finish of Your Porcelain Tub January 26, 2018

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3 Tips for Preserving the Finish of Your Porcelain Tub, Clinton, Connecticut

Although standard care is essential for maintaining your tub’s finish and appearance, there are certain additional steps you need to take if yours is made of porcelain. This hard, durable material brings incredible beauty to the bathroom, but unless it’s well-maintained, it may eventually start to show signs of wear and damage. Here are three tips that will ensure your porcelain tub stays in great condition.

3 Tips for Preserving the Finish of Your Porcelain Tub

1. Clean It Weekly

porcelain tubIt’s important to clean porcelain at least once a week to prevent the finish from dulling over time. Avoid using harsh cleaning solutions and products, such as acidic vinegar and steel wool, which can easily tarnish the surface. For best results, pour two tablespoons of mild dishwashing soap in a gallon of hot water. Use a cloth to massage the bathtub with the mixture and wipe thoroughly. Use warm water to rinse the tub afterward.

2. Deep Clean Often

Porcelain responds especially well to baking soda—but only sporadically. It’s gentle enough to use as a deep cleanser at least once a month. To take advantage, mix a quarter’s worth with a quarter cup of ammonia in a gallon of warm water. Run a soft cloth gently over the tub to remove surface stains and imperfections. Don’t be afraid to use a little elbow grease here—you can even allow it to sit for a few minutes on stubborn spots before rinsing well. Your porcelain tub’s finish will look as good as new.

3. Add Some Shine

One of the best ways to restore your bathtub’s finish is to give it a good shine treatment. Try a multi-surface cleaner infused with lemon oil, which is a natural agent that produces a gloss and prevents the formation of soap scum and stains.

Whether it’s an antique tub or a new purchase, it’s important to take the utmost care of your porcelain fixture to maintain its finish. Using natural, nonabrasive agents is a great way to ensure its beauty.


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