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4 Inspection & Maintenance Tips For Fire Pumps February 9, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
4 Inspection & Maintenance Tips For Fire Pumps, Anchorage, Alaska

Fire pumps prevent your property from becoming engulfed in flames, which is why it is important that you inspect and maintain them. When your fire pumps fail, your business, employees, and clients may find themselves in harm’s way. GMW Fire Protection, serving Anchorage, AK, wants you to know more about how to keep your fire pumps in excellent condition. Below is a handful of inspection and maintenance tips.

Fire Pumps: 4 Inspection & Maintenance Tips

1. How Often to Inspect

The professionals recommend that you test the various components of your fire pumps on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. During these inspections, your commercial fire protection technicians will take a closer look at each part of your fire pumps, making sure they are fully serviceable and undamaged.

2. What to Test

fire pumpsEvery week, inspect your fire pump system and test the housing, heating, and ventilation. Once per month, conduct a pump operation test, which confirms the function and flow of your system. Annually, test your fire pump’s alarm signals, and conduct a full flow test, which will ensure there is enough water pressure to extinguish fires.

3. Maintenance Requirements

Each type of fire pump has its own maintenance requirements, so check with the manufacturer about specific care instructions. As a general rule, though, schedule maintenance services on your fire pump’s hydraulic systems, motor, and mechanical transmission every year. Keep in mind that your manufacturer’s warranty may cover a portion of the maintenance fees.

4. Hire the Experts

As always, enlist the help of the experts when it comes to inspecting, maintaining, and repairing your fire pumps. Your commercial fire protection company has years of experience along with rigorous training, ensuring that they’ll get the job done right. They will make it their mission to keep you and your property safe from a blaze.

From fire pump inspections to fire alarm system installations, rely on GMW Fire Protection when you want to feel confident about the safety and security of your property. Give this commercial fire protection company a call at (907) 336-5000 today to speak with a welcoming customer service representative about investing in fire alarm systems. For more information about other products and services, visit them online

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