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Commercial Fire Protection Advice February 2, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
Commercial Fire Protection Advice  , Anchorage, Alaska

Potential electrical fires pose a serious hazard in virtually every commercial building. To prevent a major accident, it’s important to take concrete measures toward commercial fire protection. Without proper care, an entire building can go up in flames in a matter of seconds.

Commercial Fire Protection: What to Know

Distribution Systems

Most commercial buildings have an electrical distribution system that contains the circuits, fuses, wiring, and other important elements of voltage equipment. If these systems receive more amperage than the system can handle, it may overheat and lead to a fire. Overcurrents are of the most common causes of fire among commercial businesses, but there are steps you can take to prevent them.

Common Hazards

commercial-fire-protectionHigh-energy devices can easily overload the distribution system. To combat problems, identify the hardest working equipment in your facility and provide each system access to its own electrical outlet. You should also avoid plugging in several devices—high-energy or not—into one extension cord. In general, extension cords raise the risk of overcurrents and should be avoided. Old, corroded wiring poses a serious risk, especially as the environment continues to take its toll on your equipment. Prevent problems by replacing wiring as soon as it shows signs of wear.

Emergency Preparation

You can also prevent the risk of a major emergency by implementing adequate detection and alarm systems into your building. In addition to educating employees on the proper use of electronics, take time to enlist a professional to install top-quality fire extinguishers and alarm systems. You also may need to install a backflow prevention system and fire pump. Talk to a professional about what’s right for your company.


The professionals at GMW Fire Protection in Anchorage, AK, have the commercial fire protection advice your company needs to stay safe. To learn about how the team can help keep you protected, visit their website. You may also call a helpful team member at (907) 336-5000.

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