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How Text Messaging Boosts the Marketing Efforts of Small Businesses January 31, 2018

Northeast Cobb, Cobb
How Text Messaging Boosts the Marketing Efforts of Small Businesses, Northeast Cobb, Georgia

From shopping online to checking email, most people use their smartphones for various reasons throughout the day. Small business owners can use this information to boost their marketing efforts. They can deliver text message promotions and additional alerts to people’s phones, reaching a wide consumer base instantly. Below are three reasons every small business owner should consider using text messaging campaigns in their marketing strategies. 

3 Ways Text Message Marketing Helps a Business 

1. Enhances Consumer Engagement 

Most people carry their smartphones with them all the time. This means most consumers will see a message from your business as soon as their phone vibrates or buzzes. The immediacy of the alert increases consumer curiosity and engagement, making them far more likely to act on the information. 

2. Spreads Awareness

Marietta-Georgia-marketingIf you have special sales, offers, or additional time-sensitive information to promote, text messaging is an effective way to reach targeted consumers within a short window of time. You won’t have to worry about print collateral getting lost in the mail or overlooked. Instead, text alerts and reminders can be sent at designated times to spread awareness, while ensuring pertinent information doesn’t fall through the cracks.   

3. Improves Customer Experience 

Using text message marketing will improve the customer experience by making it more convenient. When your company has deals and incentives to promote, consumers can simply reply to the texts or use codes to take advantage of the offers and redeem at the nearest location. 


Pairing mobile marketing with direct mail and other traditional advertising strategies is the best way to broaden your customer reach. For reliable, effective print and digital marketing solutions, reach out to Impact Mailers. To discover how these experts will boost your company profile, call (888) 983-2250 or visit them online. Like them on Facebook for additional information.

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