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4 FAQs About Root Canals January 30, 2018

Seymour, New Haven County
4 FAQs About Root Canals, Seymour, Connecticut

When patients find out that they need a root canal, they find themselves instantly brimming with questions. Although the procedure can seem complicated and intimidating, dentists can use this highly effective treatment to save damaged teeth. Here are four common questions about root canals and why your dentist might recommend one. 

4 Common Questions About Root Canals

1. How Do Root Canals Work?

Each of your teeth contains an inner pulp that is filled with blood vessels and nerve tissue. Unfortunately, advanced decay, trauma, and dental fractures can cause swelling, infections, and severe pain, which is why your doctor might suggest a root canal. During root canals, a small hole is drilled into the tooth, and the pulp is removed. The root of the tooth is cleaned with small endodontic files, and then the area is rinsed, sanitized, and filled to protect the tooth from future problems. 

2. Will It Hurt?

Like any other major dental procedure, the entire jaw is carefully numbed prior to root canal treatment. While root canals tend to take longer than other dental procedures, most patients experience immediate relief because the nerves of the tooth are physically removed. 

root canals3. What Is a Dental Dam?

Dental dams, which consist of a thin piece of latex or rubber secured by a frame, are used around the tooth to protect the inside of the tooth from moisture and bacteria. 

4. Why Do I Need a Crown?

After the root canal is finished, dentists seal the access point with a large filling. Because teeth become naturally brittle after the inner blood supply is removed, dental crowns are recommended to protect the structural integrity of the root. 


If you have been experiencing ongoing oral discomfort, contact Dr. Thomas Park DDS. An experienced dentist based out of Seymour, CT, Dr. Park is focused on treating every patient with kindness and professionalism. From teeth cleaning and routine exams to root canals, oral surgery, and tooth replacements, this dentist can help you to enjoy a healthier, more comfortable smile. To learn more about becoming a patient, visit his website or call (203) 888-9947.

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