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Appliance Repair Pros Share 3 Safety Precautions to Take with Electrical Appliances  January 30, 2018

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Appliance Repair Pros Share 3 Safety Precautions to Take with Electrical Appliances , North Gates, New York

In almost all cases, appliance repair should be left to professional electricians. This is because it's not only more complicated than other home improvement projects, it's also more dangerous. While homeowners shouldn't meddle in DIY electrical work, they should still be aware of safety precautions. Upstate Appliance Repair in Rochester, NY, shares a few safety precautions to remember. 

oven repairTop Safety Precautions When Handling Electrical Appliances

1. Keep Electrical Tools Insulated

All power tools come with insulation around their wiring and inner components. Over time, though, that insulation erodes. Make sure to keep your electrical tools in good condition so you don't expose yourself to shocks and other electrical hazards. If the insulation on a power tool is wearing away, it should be replaced immediately. 

2. Keep Home Power Off When Working

When carrying out any electrical work in the home, especially anything involving receptacles, make sure the home's power is turned off. You should also put up a sign, post-it note, or other indication that the switch should remain in the off position while work is being done. 

3. Always Keep Electricity Away From Water 

You learn this from a very early age: water and electricity are a deadly mix. Never plug in electrical tools or appliances near water, lest you put yourself at unnecessary risk. If there are moisture issues around the area that needs work, hire a professional instead of risking yourself. 

Upstate Appliance Repair has been serving residents of the Greater Rochester area for over 15 years. For household appliance repair—including oven repair and washer and dryer work—their pros have unparalleled experience and work ethic. The locally-owned and -operated business continues to foster lasting relationships in the communities in which they work. Give the team a call at (585) 880-1823 to learn more about their full suite of appliance repair services. 

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