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3 Benefits of High-Quality Door Closers for Your Business January 30, 2018

New York, New York
3 Benefits of High-Quality Door Closers for Your Business, New York, New York

If your business has no door closers or if they’re not working as well as they could, it might be time to invest in some higher quality options. Door closers may not seem important, but they have significant benefits for your business and are recommended by commercial locksmiths.  Here are three important benefits of high-quality door closers for your business. 

3 Reasons to Install High-Quality Door Closers for Your Business

1. Maintain Fire Safety

Commercial locksmiths keep an eye on fire safety regulations when installing door hardware, and good door closers, like those manufactured by Norton®, are popular because they maintain fire safety at all times. A quality closer will ensure that your fire barrier doors remain closed when they’re not in use, and you’ll never have to worry that a fire door has been propped open or left swinging. 

Locksmith2. Better Temperature Control

Customers will often leave doors standing open if they don’t close automatically, which means that you’re paying for your business to heat or cool the street outside. A high-quality door closer will efficiently seal your heat and air conditioning inside after each customer enters or leaves the premises. 

3. Enhanced Security

An open door is always more likely to be broken into, propped open, or forgotten once it’s time to lock up. Just like a high-quality lock, such as a Detex® Long Lock, keeps your business secure, a high-quality door closer can help do the same by ensuring that your doors are closed firmly and your business never appears vulnerable, even when you’re not there to shut the door yourself. 


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