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What to Consider When Preparing a Design for Plastic Injection Molding January 30, 2018

La Presa, San Diego
What to Consider When Preparing a Design for Plastic Injection Molding, San Diego, California

When you submit a part design for plastic injection molding, the manufacturer’s engineering team will usually review it, looking for issues that might present problems later. In many cases, they can identify potential flaws and recommend solutions for redesigning your part, but this process causes delays and unnecessary expenses. Knowing what their engineers will search for can streamline the endeavor.

How to Get Designs Ready for Plastic Injection Molding

1. Consider the Direction of the Pull

Each mold is made of two parts that separate when the item is finished. To reduce the risk of defective products and other issues, put all the details on one side of the mold. That way, you won’t incur extra manufacturing costs, since the machine shop won’t have to create complex varieties. Redesigning your part so that all the features face the same direction can dramatically lower your production expenses later.

2. Eliminate Undercuts

plastic injection moldingAn undercut is an indentation around a protrusion, which can cause parts to get trapped in the tool. If it doesn’t serve a mechanical function, it’s best to eliminate undercuts and other features that make your item more difficult to manufacture.

3. Standardize Wall Thickness

The thicker a part of the product is, the more likely the liquid plastic is to sink into the mold. If one area needs to be stronger than the others, consider replacing the thicker wall with a hollowed-out, ribbed structure, which will usually provide the strength you need without the manufacturing complications.


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