Dupont Circle, District Of Columbia
1850 K St NW
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 659-9318
Parking in Washington DC has never been easier. The One Parking garage at 1850 K Street is conveniently located near famous landmarks such as the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Memorial.

How to Parallel Park Like The Professionals: One Parking Teaches Drivers Simple Steps March 10, 2014

Dupont Circle, Washington
How to Parallel Park Like The Professionals: One Parking Teaches Drivers Simple Steps, Washington, District Of Columbia

Driving is a privilege that offers, at least symbolically, the possibility for great adventure. Parking, however, can be an arduous and frustrating task. Ask any driver the most difficult part of learning to drive and they’re sure to respond: “parallel parking,” without a doubt. One Parking is a boutique parking company that makes parking easy for drivers across the country. Their conveniently located parking garages offer high quality customer service which removes the challenge of both finding a space, and getting your car into it. 

If you’re not lucky enough to have a team of parking professionals at your disposal, follow these simple steps to parallel park from some of the best parkers in the industry:

  1. Find a parking space. For some, this is the most difficult part, but if you manage to locate a viable parking spot, make sure it is big enough!
  2. Signal to other drivers that you’re going for it. Pull up to the front car, leaving about two to three feet between the side of your car and your neighbor’s. Your bumper should be parallel to theirs, but about three feet back.
  3. Throw it in reverse! You’re doing great, but here’s the tricky part. Slowly release the brake, and back up while turning the wheel hard to the right. If you hit the curb, you’ve gone too far. There’s no shame in starting over as long as you properly signal to oncoming cars that the ordeal is about to begin again.
  4. Even yourself out. If you manage to get most of your vehicle’s rear into the space, turn the steering wheel to the left (while still in reverse) to straighten out your car and ease the rest of the way in. Inch as far back as you can without bumping into the car behind you, giving yourself as much room as possible to straighten out.
  5. Now it’s time for the finishing touches. Put your car back in drive and maneuver into the center of your spot, leaving a polite amount of room between you and the cars at your front and rear (the bread), and your own car (the bologna).

Voila! You’re parked and ready to take on the world (just as soon as you feed the meter). One more thing; watch out for the passerby who seems intent on helping you get into your space and increasing your heart rate as you desperately attempt to wave them on and complete your task.

One Parking doesn’t want to see any of America’s drivers go through this difficult endeavor, which is why they have discount parking garages all across the country with ample room and professional parkers to ensure your car makes it safely to its parking place. Do you think you have the key to a perfect parallel parking job? If so, “Like” One Parking on Facebook and leave your words of wisdom for your fellow drivers. 

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