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Is My Child Ready for Preschool? February 8, 2018

Pinehurst, Middlesex
Is My Child Ready for Preschool?, Pinehurst, Massachusetts

Just because your child has reached a certain age doesn’t mean they’re necessarily ready to attend preschool. There are some social and developmental benchmarks that should be reached before they enroll. A Brighter Rainbow Learning Center in Billerica, MA, understands that you’re anxious to get your child started, so they’ve assembled a checklist of the most important indicators of preschool readiness. 

4 Skills That Signal Preschool Readiness

1. Motor Development

By the time your child enrolls in preschool, their motor development should be well underway. They should exhibit the ability to balance on their own, jump without falling, and show left/right-handedness. Additionally, children enrolled in preschool require strong hand-to-eye coordination to keep up with their peers and get the most out of their lessons. 

2. Language Understanding 

Your child should have a clear understanding of the basic functions of language before attending preschool. This means they can speak clearly with others and construct sentences consisting of more than one word. They can speak at the appropriate volume and with the proper tone for the type of conversation they’re having. 

3. Creativity 

preschoolPreschoolers need to exhibit creativity. This indicates they’ve developed a basic level of problem-solving skills. Children who love playing with crayons, construction paper, or building blocks are ready for preschool. Another sign is when a child can play simple games with their peers, such as house.

​​​​​​​4. Basic Arithmetic 

A child that’s ready for preschool won’t be a math genius, but they need to at least exhibit an understanding of basic arithmetic, such as number recognition and counting. At this point, they can count along with you, even if they can’t yet count to 10 on their own. Your child is ready for preschool when they show interest in numbers, patterns, or particular shapes. 

These are just a few of the skills children need to excel in preschool. To learn more, contact A Brighter Rainbow Learning Center today at (978) 670-9222 or visit them online. They have been offering preschool programming in a fun, fulfilling environment for 15 years. Like them on Facebook for regular updates about their child care services. 

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